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⚠️ Bug/Glitch I can only edit/ delete SOME of my posts on the forums..? (1 Viewer)


Feb 3, 2024
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Interestingly, I just noticed this, but I can't edit or delete many of the posts I've made in palworld forums. The buttons aren't loading on them in several thread as if the posts were made by someone else.. Seems weird.. Is this intentional, or otherwise?

For example, in the giveaway thread it works.

.. However, the one about restoring save files that are corrupted/missing, it is not displaying the options in the lower left...
*See attached images for reference*


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On a side note, are the people with "PalTech" and "Designer" flairs underneath their member status referring to the forums, or the game itself?
(I'm assuming forums because that is where the "Administration" and "Moderation" flairs usually are.)
Just curious and wanting confirmation one way or the other.

[P.S. Edit is working in this section
>E.G. *This was an edit*]
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Edit permission is only permitted limited time after you made the post. Why? It's a spam prevention. Usually spammers will make a post and days later come back, edit the post and post links in it without us really knowing. And there usually shouldn't be a reason for you to edit a post after days. You make a post, view it, adjust where needed and move on.

The ranks under the avatars are indeed forum-related. We aren't the official Palworld Forum, so we probably won't need to have official game ranks. But if those developers choose to join us, I'd make those ranks. :p
That doesn't quite track.. Look at the timestamps on the screenshots I provided up top. Both of those posts were less than 20 minutes old and the edit/delete buttons were both immediately missing after posting which is what caused me to raise an eyebrow and bring it up when I wanted to change a minor detail and couldn't. Ideally for what you are describing the edit button should leave but the delete function should remain in the others like the save file thread, right.? If spam prevention was the cause something seems to be off/different with the thread settings or timer recognition. The forums ability to differentiate time might be bugged if it was not a difference in thread settings.

I can go back to any post in the giveaway thread and the button to edit/delete is still there.⤵️

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