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đź“° Palworld News Updates and Fixes Coming to Palworld - Patch v0.1.5.0 Detailed Overview

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Hello, fellow Palworld enthusiasts!

I hope you're all doing wonderfully and enjoying your adventures in the vast, exciting world of Palworld. Today, I bring you some thrilling news directly from the heart of our beloved game. The developers have just rolled out a new patch, v0.1.5.0, for the Steam platform, with the promise that the Xbox version will follow suit as soon as it's ready. This update addresses a range of issues and introduces several enhancements that are sure to improve our gameplay experience.

Major Fixes and Enhancements

First and foremost, the developers have implemented a backup feature for save data on the world selection screen, ensuring that our progress is safer than ever. They've also tackled the issue of unnecessary data piling up in save files, making for a smoother, more efficient gaming experience.

Customization and Convenience

For those who love to fine-tune their control setup, fully supported keyboard key configurations have now been added, giving us more freedom to play how we like. Additionally, guild management has been streamlined, allowing for the removal of members even when they're not logged in, making guild leadership that much easier.

Player-Focused Improvements

A significant quality-of-life change is the modification of long-press operations during tasks. Now, we can engage in continuous work with a single press of the work button, a feature that can be toggled in the options settings. The patch also addresses the issue of riding in prohibited hunting areas without incurring a crime and enhances interaction accuracy with adjacent objects.

Pals - Our Faithful Companions

Our Pals, the core of our adventures, have received special attention in this update. Changes have been made to ensure that Pals instructed to "attack aggressively" will do so indiscriminately, even outside of combat situations. The developers have fixed a bug where Pals could skip learning active skills upon gaining a large amount of experience and reaching level 50 in one go. Moreover, improvements have been made to prevent dungeon bosses from getting stuck in walls when faced with Mossanda's "Grenadier Panda" skill.

Base Management and Building

The patch addresses several issues related to base management, such as Pals getting stuck on logging sites or wandering off the base area. Building restrictions for stairs and triangular roofs have been significantly relaxed, allowing for more creative base designs. Additionally, environmental temperature changes now stack, adding a new layer of strategy to base management.

Game Balance and Network Improvements

Noteworthy balance adjustments include a significant boost to the mining power of Digtoise partner skills and a correction to the abnormally high selling price of nails. The network infrastructure has also seen renovations, with an improved server lobby and the addition of a feature to view online players on dedicated servers.

Continued Development and Support

It's clear that the developers are committed to refining and enhancing Palworld with each update. They've also acknowledged working on resolving an auto-save issue affecting Xbox players and promise a fix in an upcoming update.

As we dive back into the world of Palworld with these new improvements, let's take a moment to appreciate the hard work and dedication of the developers. Their commitment to addressing major problems and issues head-on ensures that our adventures in Palworld continue to be as exciting and enjoyable as possible.

Thank you for your continued support of Palworld, and here's to many more adventures together!

Stay adventurous,

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Has anyone experienced a new bug after the update where you cannot assign pals to a logging site it sees it as a stone pit?
I'm glad they've fixed a few things, but apparently they patched the glitch where you could catch tower bosses and the official Palworld twitter account apologized for it lol.
I'm glad they've fixed a few things, but apparently they patched the glitch where you could catch tower bosses and the official Palworld twitter account apologized for it lol.
Yeah Cedric told me, I wish they didn't patch that, or make an item that lets you catch the bosses

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